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CHEVY CAMARO 1968 327 CID, 5.4 L Engine hg

The 1968 CHEVY CAMARO 327 CID,5.4 L engine long block come with the original GM short block and new/remanufactured CHEVY cylinder head(s).

Our CHEVY engine block comes with 10 year full Warranty and can be shipped to you at 175.00. Our CHEVY 327 CID,5.4 L long block pricing is extremely completive and can save you thousands of dollars over a new or create CHEVY CAMARO engine if you buy it from your local CHEVY dealer.

Call our sales staff with any CHEVY performance option and we will build custom the 1968 CHEVY engine to fit your CHEVY CAMARO performance engine needs. Note the core deposit will be refunded in full upon you shipping back your used 1968 CHEVY CAMARO engine.

   CHEVY CAMARO 1968 327 CID, 5.4 L Engine
Product Name CHEVY CAMARO 1968 327 CID, 5.4 L
Part No GMC327LB1  
Warranty 10 Year Full Warranty  
Engine Size 327 CID,5.4 L  
Engine Type V8  
Fuel Type GAS
Fuel Delivery Carbureted
Cyl 8
Aspiration Non Turbo
Head Casting
Block Casting 3794460 3914678 3932386
Crank Casting 1130 4672 3911001 3911011
Core Deposit *200.00
Discount/Sale Price 1030.00  
Notes*: Car or light truck application.  
Engine Information For more information,
visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

You can buy our CHEVY CAMARO 327 CID,5.4 L engine with confidence knowing our CHEVY CAMARO engines cost less and all our moving parts are BRAND NEW! All the internal components and parts meet or exceed the OEM specifications, and most of the time purchased from the same suppliers who supply GM! Please place your 1968 CHEVY CAMARO 327 CID,5.4 L engine order online.

We will contact you to verify the engine specifications! To request performance options for the 1968 CHEVY CAMARO 327 CID,5.4 L engine, please place an online order and then contact up with us with your performance requests together with the order number.

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